Who would you like to see on the ballot for next year's election for Ferry County Sheriff?

I know, I know, the election is over a year away, but a year goes fast in politics.  And it is never to early to talk about who you might want to see on the ballot next year. Below are four possible names to consider.  The list consists of gentlemen who have run for Sheriff in the past or have been “nominated” by people making comments in my blog.  See May 24th’s Poll for Ferry County Sheriff.  Keep in mind that none of these men have announced any candidacies, but we can give them encouragement right now.  As for me, I am undecided for now as to who I think would be best.

Feel free to comment on why you think each person would be good for the job too.  (Comments that are positive about the person you are encouraging to run will be more likely to be posted then negative comments about who you do not want to run.)

13 Responses to “Who would you like to see on the ballot for next year's election for Ferry County Sheriff?”

  • Mrs. G:

    There are all good cops, but Mr. roberts really is the one with the good leadership experience to pull that office into shape and work with a limited budget. We hope you run.

  • Mr D:

    Bret would be an excellent sheriff. But I think he is happy as Chief of Police. I like Tom and Ray. I’d like to see Ray run as an Independent. We need more than an Administrator (like we currently have). It would be nice to have someone who physically attended the Law Enforcement Academy (as the law requires), instead of penciling in his name at the bottom of a list of deputies to be ‘grandfathered’.

    Ray is very concerned about the budget and I think would be both a workiing sheriff and administrator.

  • Cooties:

    Do a poll for other offices like commissioner or prosecutor!

  • Kathy:

    If Pete doesn’t run again I think Undersheriff Palmier should run. He’s fair, knowledgeable and has maturity on his side. I can’t see Brett running after the lawsuit that his wife just went thru with the county. I like Ray but I think he’s way too young right now. Maybe in 5-10 years.

  • Mrs. K:

    Tom Williams has 20 years of law enforcement. I believe that trumps them all.

  • Toggle:

    Alot of people want to be sheriff, but they do not have any idea how hard it is to be an administrator and to have to manage people. Pete has a hard job and does it well.

  • bubo:

    I agree with Kathy. Mr. Roberts is a fool if he thinks he has a chance after the recent lawsuit against Pete and the county. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Also agree that Ray is way too young. Yes, he’s concerned about the budget, but he’s not the only one. As far as Tom Williams, yes he has years in, but years and years on the job does not automatically qualify you to be the best Sheriff. Personally I think the citizens of the county should seriously consider the guy that’s been here a few years and has more than proven himself and gained quite a bit of respect throughout the county. I’ve heard several people around the county suggest that he run. I can’t remember what his name is though.

  • Lee HC:

    I believe the name that Bubo is looking for is Boone. I have never seen a more dedicated officer in all my years. I have spoken with Mr Boone several times and am very suprised in his knowledge and professionalism. I am a scanner freak and am afraid to say that I hear him doing more to keep this county safe then anyone else. I wish he would throw his name in the hat and run for sheriff. I thank he would do a great job.

    P.S. Mr Graham should add Mr. Boone to the list. I thank he has more support then people thank.

  • Yogosapphire:

    Wow I’m just not impressed with anything FCSD has to offer. Can I vote to boot them all and bring in a new group of impartial candidates?

  • CH:

    I think that you should make a poll concerning the all of the law enforcement officers in the county as potential candidates. You have at least three deputies that I know of that are in the military or have been. I see a lack of supervision and leadership in this department, there appears to be no discipline. Someone that has had leadership experience would be my choice. I think that all of them should be considered to show the support each could have even if they have not considered it. Deputy Boone or Detective Spooner would be my first choice since they seem to be the only ones that I hear on the radio. Spooner has to be doing something right, someone cut his brake lines for Gods sake!

  • Curtis:

    The candidate people are over looking is Tom Williams. I voted for him in 02′, 06′ and will again in 10′ even if I have to write him name in. Their is no substitute for experience period. He lost by a hair last time but the county is ready for change. Ray is a head in the “poll” here because young people are always on line, but they dont bother to turn in the ballot on election day. The established people of this county want a serious candidate, with experience. I understand that he may need some encouragement to run. But thats fine. No one should want the job – but the best man will do it out of civic duty

  • bubo:

    Again, years and years on the job doesn’t make you the best candidate for the position.

  • Mr D:

    Well, it looks like Roberts is being blamed for the Sheriff’s bigotry. Roberts might be a lot of things, but he is no fool. I’m glad his wife stood up to the sheriff. But I don’t think he really is interested in the job. I like Maycumber. He’s someone I think would be an excellent Sheriff and adminstrator. He has a level head, is respected and could bring respect back to the office of the Sheriff. He is very concerned about the budget. I’d support and work to get him elected, should he choose to run.

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