String of Oxycontin Robberies Continue in Washington State: But How Did We Get Here?

I read in last Sunday’s Spokesman-Review of the steps many pharmacies were taking to stop oxycontin robberies.  Then three days later, I read about another Spokane oxycontin robbery.  For those of you haven’t followed the news, the precise problem is addicts going into  pharmacies with a weapon demanding oxycontin pills.  Sometimes, a robber merely pretends to have a weapon or simply writes a threatening note.  According to news reports, Washington State leads the nation in oxycontin robberies. A typical oxycontin robbery job goes something as described in this police wanted photograph.  wanted_flyer_-_456

I am sure this is not fun for the store employees.  Prior to oxycontin coming on the market, I don’t really remember ever hearing too often about pharmacy robberies.  There just is something about oxycontin pills that drives the addicts crazy in a way that morphine or percocet does not do.  The Walgreens in Spokane made national news last week when they announced the problem of oxycontin robberies was so bad in Washington that they were placing special time-delay safes in all stores.  The safes take several minutes to open – the idea being that a robber is not going to stick around for ten minutes or so.  I wonder about this idea.  What pharmacy clerk really wants to break the news to a drug-crazed armed robber that they have to wait ten minutes?  If I were a clerk I would rather just have a bottle handy  right there by the counter I could toss in a hurry.   Drug-crazed robbers are dangerous, and Seattle robbery Detective Mike Magan explained: “I’ve always said the person who commits pharmacy robberies for oxycontin is the most dangerous person you’ll come up against…”. To combat oxycontin robberies, the Seattle police department provided a tracking device to a pharmacy to put in with the oxycontin  should a robbery occur.   (See story.)  The man they caught was suspected of committing 16 pharmacy robberies.

In response to such robberies, the elected prosecutor from King County, Dan Satterberg, is pushing the state legislature to increase the penalties for these oxycontin robberies.   The Washington Retailers Association is also supporting this.  I won’t argue against such ideas, but I would encourage our legislatures to remember how we got into this mess in the first place.

How about the pharmaceutical company Purdue-Pharma that invented and mass-marketed oxycontin?  The company agreed that it committed a felony when it marketed oxycontin and hid how unsafe it was.  The company faced 600 million in fines after it plead guilty, but how come the executives never went to jail?  (See news reports).  According to a story in the New York Times, “…Purdue Pharma contended that OxyContin, because of its time-release formulation, posed a lower threat of abuse and addiction to patients than do traditional, shorter-acting painkillers like Percocet or Vicodin.”   Lower threat then Vicodin?  This false claim by Purdue Pharma was the center of their aggressive marketing campaign.  Just a few years after the drug’s introduction in 1996, annual sales reached $1 billion.  According to the above mentioned article, “Purdue Pharma heavily promoted OxyContin to doctors like general practitioners, who had often had little training in the treatment of serious pain or in recognizing signs of drug abuse in patients.”  The story continues: “…both experienced drug abusers and novices, including teenagers, soon discovered that chewing an OxyContin tablet or crushing one and then snorting the powder or injecting it with a needle produced a high as powerful as heroin. By 2000, parts of the United States, particularly rural areas, began to see skyrocketing rates of addiction and crime related to use of the drug.”  Although drug companies often can’t predict the consequences of their products, Purdue Pharma had to admit that they deliberately concealed the harmful effects of its drug.

Although the company had to pay $600 million in fines, the profits from the sale of oxycontin were about four times that much.   Purdue Pharma had a lot of money to hire lawyers, and when they were being investigated they hired Rudy Guilliani to try to use his influence to get the DEA to back off.  Guilliani accepted several million dollars for this service.  See story.  Guilliani went to see the local Virginia prosecutor that was going after Purdue Pharma, and the local prosecutor ultimately agreed that the three executives would not have to do jail time.  See story.  So while I am not really happy that drug addled nitwits are robbing our state’s pharmacies, I am troubled by the unfairness of a system that allowed the executives who created this mess to get off without any jail time.  The judge who handled the sentencing of the executives felt the same way.  He explained that the the lack of jail time for the executives was the “most difficult” part of accepting the plea deal.  Protesters outside the court house were angry that the executives were getting off so lightly.  Many protesters had lost loved ones to accidental overdoses of the drug.

This poster was held by a woman protesting the light sentences for the executives.  Her 17-year-old daughter died of an overdose of just one pill of this supposedly "safer" pill.

This poster was held by a woman protesting the light sentences for the executives. Her 17-year-old daughter died of an overdose of just one pill of this supposedly "safer" pill.

You can see why the family members of people hurt by oxycontin would be upset by the court system.

What responsibility does Purdue Pharma have as to all the oxycontin pharmacy robberies in this State?  Not much apparently.  According to the Spokesman-Review last week, the company that has made 2.8 billion on this drug was offering just a measly $1,000 reward for the latest robbery.

You really have to wonder about the way drug companies market these prescriptions.   The latest problem is the practice of drug companies writing articles about how great their latest drugs are and then finding a doctor to submit the article to a publication.  The article then makes no mention of the fact that the article was not really written by the particular physician.  With oxycontin, Purdue Pharma would market oxycontin by getting in good with doctors with free trips.  Purdue Pharma would pay for the transportation and hotel costs for hundreds of doctors to attend weekend seminars in spots like Florida to discuss pain management.  Doctors were then recruited and paid to speak to other doctors at some of the 7,000 ”pain management” seminars that Purdue sponsored around the country.  The seminars  taught the importance of aggressively treating pain with the powerful drugs made by Purdue Pharma.

I find it highly annoying that all the discussion of these oxycontin robberies ignores how we got into this oxycontin disaster to begin with.  As seen in the wanted poster above, going after a drug addict in a hat and hooded sweatshirt is pretty easy.  They look guilty, and you can score political points by being “tough on crime”.    All of the police detectives, prosecutors, politicians, defense lawyers, legislators, probation officers and judges of Washington State coping with this problem are really just janitors cleaning up a mess left by powerful forces of money and power and influence back East.

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  • How noble of Purdue Pharma to provide rewards through their “RX Patrol” for pharmacy breakins. As a point of interest, I have been actively exposing Purdue Pharma for the past 7-1/2 years for criminally marketing OxyContin. In July 2007, Purdue Pharma and its 3 CEO’s Michael Friedman, Howard Udell and Paul Goldenheim were charged with criminally marketing OxyContin to physicians and patients as less likely to be addictive or abused. They pled guilty to the charges and were sentenced. My work now focuses on the further criminal activity of Purdue Pharma in marketing for “pregnancy pain” and the “undertreatment of pain in infants and pediatric patients.” I now work with the FDA in an effort to expose and curtail this criminal marketing by Purdue Pharma in an effort to addict the most vulnerable of people. For Purdue Pharma to now offer a reward for the epidemic they are responsible for is like asking Charles Manson to help America’s Most Wanted track felons in order to restore his reputation. Give me a break — there is a special place in hell for all of them for destroying scores of families throughout the country.

    Marianne Skolek
    National Activist for Victims of OxyContin and
    Purdue Pharma – a criminally convicted pharmaceutical company

  • Drew:

    Of course, the people who came up with the ‘it-takes-10-minutes-to-open-the-safe” deal aren’t the same ones who are working in the store to deal with the drug-crazed, gun-wielding people trying to steal from it.

  • Steve,

    We daily see the ravages created by OxyContin. Purdue, its manufacturer is an admitted criminal company and has profited for many years by not having an abuse resistant pill. Why? Because they want to make profits and know that making their drug, which is really legal heroin, less able to be abused will cost them money.

    We operate Novus Medical Detox Center in Florida. We daily work with people that used OxyContin if they can’t get heroin and heroin when they couldn’t get OxyContin.

    If you want to read chilling comments by people who have lost children, parents and friends to OxyContin, go to

    Steve Hayes
    Novus Medical Detox Center

  • Crystal:

    OxyContin is a safe drug when taken as prescribed, the drug is only abused when people chew and swallow, crush and snort, crush and injected. This is a good drug it has helped a lot of people who suffer from chronic debilitating pain. This drug is less habit forming because it is long acting and it doesn’t give a euphoric high, like a short acting drug like vicodin. So I wouldn’t say the Drug company was completly wrong, the drug is still being used and has added quality to many pt’s lives.

  • As it would seem, the Social Grace of the Rich is above the Law as long as the dollar support is at the back door.
    Do you wish to end this War, then stage a protest march that will awaken the American People, then take this War issue against Purdue Pharmaceutical Company…. I am tired of seeing our Men and Women of the United States Military die as the America Dollar supports our enemy.
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    This drug from the poppy plant and the fight against its use goes back around 4000 to 6000 years and man seeks to control that which has shown that the poppy plant is as nature selected, uncontrollable. This is like a old saying as the as the Scorpion stung the Frog as he swim across the water and the Frog said why did you do this , now both of us will die ? And the Scorpion said it is my nature….
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  • Beyonce Knowles:

    When reading the newspapers I can’t help but noticing the increased amount of pharmacy robberies that are solely motivated to obtain the prescription drug Oxycontin. Oxycontin is a slow-released tablet containing high quantities of pure Oxycodone, therefore providing for a very powerful, yet very addictive class of opiate pain medication. Due to the extremely addictive properties of this CII controlled substance this prescription drug is nowadays only prescribed for long term pain management in terminally ill patients. However, this was unfortunately not always the case…

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