Lawyers look at Toyota Recall Issue Expands to Different Models and Years

Toyota vehicles have had a reputation in recent years as being pretty well made.  That has been in jeopardy recently when Toyota has announced the recall of several of their vehicles.  According to the Spokesman-Review this morning, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking into allegations of momentary loss of braking capability in the Toyota Prius while traveling over uneven road surfaces, potholes or bumps.  Hey, those roads kind of sound like the roads of Ferry County don’t they?  Or even worse the pothole ridden roads of the city of Spokane.  Additionally, there has been a problem with the Toyota’s suddenly accelerating for no reason.  Much of the investigation has come from reporters from the LA Times and trial lawyers who have been researching the safety records of these cars. According to an LA Times blog:

Reporters Ken Bensinger and Martin Zimmerman first wrote about an upcoming recall by Toyota on Sept. 30 that blamed floor mats for causing a gas pedal to stick. This came in the wake of a horrific crash near San Diego in August that killed an off-duty California Highway Patrol officer and three members of his family after his Lexus sped out of control.

Trial lawyers are already advertising their interests in taking such cases, see here, for example.  I can predict the class action suit settlement already.  The lawyers get $5 million dollars attorney fees, and the three people killed in the San Diego crash get coupons for floor mats.

What is interesting, is it is actually pretty hard to find a definitive list of what cars are actually subject to recall.  The Toyota Press Room explains:

The specific model names and years associated with the newly-expanded population of subject vehicles for the pedal entrapment recall include:

2008-2010 Highlander
2009-2010 Corolla
2009-2010 Venza
2009-2010 Matrix
2009-2010 Pontiac Vibe

I am not sure that is definitive.  You think Toyota would have this information on line and that it would be pretty easy to find.  What will come of the recall?  Will the problems be found to be broader then first announced?  Will the Toyota brand take a permanent hit?

(By Steve Graham, a Criminal Defense Lawyer)

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