Northwest Justice to Hold Class on Tenant Rights in Republic, WA

I blogged last month about Northwest Justice, and their Tenants Rights class in Colville.  See post. Now the class is coming to Republic, WA.  You need to sign up in advance, and the class is 9 to 12 at the Northern Inn Conference Room on July 23rd.  I didn’t attend the class in Colville, but I would imagine the class would help educate tenants about their rights on such matters as landlord entry for inspections, a tenants options when a landlord delays repairs, and what to do when you are behind on rent, what your rights are when facing eviction, and what to do when a landlord doesn’t return your deposit.   The class is a good public service because a lot of attorneys (me included) do not handle landlord-tenant matters.  Another good resource is here.

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