Retired FBI Agent Steve Moore Joins Those Defending Amanda Knox

If you work in the field of criminal justice, it is hard to look at the prosecution of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito as anything but an injustice.  As a former prosecutor, that was my experience blogging about the subject last year.  (See earlier posts here, here, here, here, and here.)  But now, other criminal justice professionals are joining the chorus of Americans concerned about the fairness of the trial of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.  Case in point Steve Moore, retired F.B.I. agent.   Moore has 25 years investigating some of the most serious crimes imaginable for the F.B.I.  Steve Moore was not connected at all with the Knox supporters, but he found it hard to be silent after he took a look at Amanda’s case.   Steve Moore’s statement about the case is online at the blog Injustice in Perugia.  Check out the below media interview in which he is interviewed on MSNBC.

I like his point that this crime does not fit Amanda Knox’s character.

MSNBC: You also made the point that this crime does not fit Amanda Knox’s personality profile.

Steve Moore: Amanda Knox is not a violent person. The problem with this is if a person is violent enough…. What they are alleging is that she [Amanda Knox] came in on her roommate who was being sexually assaulted and sided with the assaulter, and not only helped him assault her roommate, but stabbed her in the throat. That kind of deviant violent behavior does not go unnoticed for 18, 19, 20 years. Some things leak out. You see some episodes. You see some indications that the person has some issues. Amanda Knox never had an issue.

As a former prosecutor, that is one of the problems I have never understood, what motive would Amanda Knox have to stab her roommate to death?  A violent stabbing is just not an “entry-level” crime.  A person works their way up to such an offense with a long history of other crimes such as assaults and threats to kill.  The prosecutor Giuliano Mignini just was never able to establish a credible motive for why an average American  college student would rape and murder her roommate.

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  • Molly Wainwright:

    It really burns me up the indifference most people show to this whole farce. I just think the American public is set to think that a person can only be wrongly convicted if the system errs due to racism, or classism, or because they were tried in a third world country. An attractive, face of a middle class college student is the typical face of a crime VICTIM, not th edefendant in one of these sensationalist crime dramas. The unfair trial is supposed to take place in the deep South, or a third world country, not Italy. The case just doesn’t jive with what we look for in a travesty, and so we ignore it.

  • D Rinker:

    In response to Molly and Mr. Moore. Molly do not ignore this! This is a country who is participating in G-summits, and western trade, and foreign education. Mr. Moore is not a jerk, he asks and queries about pertinent information about this case and the inconsistencies in it. This case is showing it self to be about a Judicial Theocracy existing in a country claiming itself to be a Democracy and part of the European community. No Italian in this case, not even the student lawyer, called the cops. The underbelly of this case shows a distrust for Italian police, and their eagerness to use manipulate and abuse a young American girl who trusted the cops and was raised to cooperate. They abused that trust. It’s there in the story, in the confessions, in the presence of the lawyers secured by all the others questioned in this case. They took a very young American girl far from home and took advantage of her. So if your not against kidnapping, pedophile power of sorts, female abuse, destruction of innocence, slanderous media coverage, and political individuals who abuse their given power, then by all means ignore this story. But if not, and you believe the world needs some JUSTICE in it, then start reading about the many, that is MANY. inconstancies in this case and remember this is a daughter of your country, in jail, who it seems committed no crime! That sucks!

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