Los Angeles Lawyer Comes to Spokane for Role in Movie

A lawyer friend of mine from L.A. recently came to Spokane to play a cameo role in the new movie “Knights of Badassdom” by director Joe Lynch.  “Knights of Badassdom” is the story of a bunch of Live Action Role Players (LARPers) who begin one of their games in the forest. One player apparently casts a spell and inadvertently summons a real demon, that the group must battle.  To the legal world, Larry Zerner is a Los Angeles copyright lawyer. To the world of film buffs Larry Zerner is “Shelly”, a character from the Friday the 13th Movie. In the movie, Shelly brings a hockey mask to scare his friends. Jason gets ahold of the mask, and thus begins the killing spree.  We have never looked at a hockey mask the same since.  I wasn’t even aware that “Knights of Badassdom” was being filmed in Spokane, but I looked back, and sure enough this was covered in the Spokesman-Review.    I look forward to seeing this movie.  The way I understand it, the film is set in New Jersey, but is filmed in the woods near Spokane.  So we will have to see how that works.  Besides Larry Zerner, whose role is a cameo, the film features actor Ryan Kwanton (who played Jason Stackhouse in “Trueblood”), and actress Summer Glau (from the TV series “Firefly”).  Larry Zerner is now an entertainment lawyer in Hollywood.  In 2005, Zerner Larry represented  a writer in a copyright infringement lawsuit against HBO over the television show “Carnivale”.  Also in 2005, Zerner represented the original homeowners in a lawsuit over the remake of  the movie “The Amityville Horror”.

There isn’t a trailer yet of the movie “Knights of Badassdom” because it is still in production.  Here is a link to the trailer of “Friday the 13th (Part 3).

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