Authorities Restrict Sale of “Spice”

I guess it makes sense that I only recently heard of the “synthetic cannabis” they call “spice”. After all, criminal defense lawyers are called to defend charges of breaking the law, and until now “spice” was perfectly legal. The term “spice” refers to various mixtures of herbs and chemicals that attempt to mimic the pharmacological effects of marijuana. The drugs are sold over the counter at smoke shops, and are marketed sometimes as “herbal incense” or “herbal smoking blends”. The drugs are typically not tested for in usual drug screens, but the use of such drugs can be determined by specific tests. On November 24th, the DEA took emergency steps to prohibit five varieties of the drug but there are numerous other variations.

I first heard of the drug by reading a post about it in the blog of James O’Rourke, a Portland lawyer.  James O’Rourke described the process of the drug’s restriction in Oregon.  I also heard about the subject again Saturday when I saw a T.V. news story about a driver who injured three pedestrians in downtown Seattle after allegedly smoking spice. See story:
As the news story explains, even the prosecutor and the defense lawyer were uncertain if the drug in question was even a controlled substance. If the man in questions is charged with vehicular assault, the prosecutor, under Washington law, can alleged that the defendant either caused the accident by driving while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, driving recklessly, or with disregard for the safety of others.

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  • Cardone:

    James O’Rourke huh? Of all the lawyers in Portland Oregon, he has gotta be the biggest ^%&^%&^ of all of them. I wouldn’t recommend him as an attorney. You must not get over onto that side of the Columbia, Graham, if you are blogging about attorney James O’Rourke. Bleh!

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