Schapelle Corby’s Hell in Indonesia (And We Thought the Perugians Treated Amanda Knox Badly)

Schapelle Corby is a 34-year-old Australian woman who was convicted of smuggling marijuana into Bali in 2004.  The Indonesian police claim to have found the drugs in a bag she and her friends had with them that contained a boogie board.   Schapelle Corby claimed to have no knowledge of the drug’s presence.


She has maintained her innocence, and her trial was plagued by irregularities.  The Indonesian police ordered the destruction of the physical evidence in the case, and destroyed the CCTV video of her arrest and questioning.  There was no comparison of the bag’s check-in weight at the Brisbane airport compared to the weight of the bag upon arrival.   The bag was not tested for fingerprints. Corby was sentenced to 20 years in prison.  (In comparison, Abu Bakar Bashir (convicted of conspiring to kill 200 people in the Bali night club bombing) received only a couple years).  Corby has exhausted all her appeal rights in the Indonesian justice system, but she is still petitioning for clemency.  Much like the Amanda Knox trial captured the attention of the American public, Schappelle Corby caused many Australians to wonder how fairly she was treated.

But unlike the happy ending that Knox received, the abuse of Schapelle Corby continues.  Check out the latest nonsense that Corby had to put up. (See story)  The prison apparently has some sort of Christmas Mass for the inmates every year, where they drag the inmates out in front of the media, and announce any remissions (or slight reductions in the sentence due to good behavior).  When Corby saw all the media, she asked to be brought back to her cell.  Apparently, she did not want to be a part of this charade of the warden’s showy beneficence.  This is what the warden said to the press: “This will be a special point against her [getting future sentence cuts] and I will report it to the Australian Consulate. … She has failed to meet all the requirements for a remission. … She is a naughty child and unappreciative of Kerobokan Penitentiary.”  What a nut.

I don’t think we have heard the last of this case.  There seems to be some increased attention to her case, and according to @freeschapelle on twitter, there is a new documentary coming out about her case.

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6 Responses to “Schapelle Corby’s Hell in Indonesia (And We Thought the Perugians Treated Amanda Knox Badly)”

  • Wendy:

    It seems to me that the real is whether the Australian government can muster enough political will to resolve this. There is always a fine line as to what home governments will do to influence a foreign government over something like this. Ultimately Australians should push their elected representatives. They might not free her, but they need to speak out against the treatment she is receiving in custody.

  • Nev:

    The simple truth is the the marijuana was never in Australia. Too many inconsistencies by the Bali police. Read about it at
    Everyone has been trying to blame Australian baggage handlers because they have been too frightened to blame the real culprits.

    • Steve Graham:

      Thanks you guys for your comments. Nev, I will check that site out. I look forward to learning more about this case.

  • Nicola:

    This is the site you need to look at Steve:

    Not the one patriot Nev want sot lead you astray from. Watch the documentary, and see Australia in its full glory.

    Naturelly, the Australians have banned any reference to that movies, and the government cables which prove their criminality, from the mainstream media.

  • Ebelleboo:

    What??? Schapelle is hanging her druggie hat on Amanda Knox’s murderous head???? They both are 100% GUILTY amd they both are disgusting little liars.

  • clark mcclafferty:

    The team at has put together ALL the evidence and facts that more than prove she did not do it but the good old Aussie media has done what they do best and convince the stupid public of all sorts of mindless dribble. They did the exact same thing with Lindy Chamberlin. Baggage handlers and their drug smuggling operations are well documented and the “slashed open” bag of pot that was left in Schapelles bag was slashed open to distract the drug dogs away from the 10kg of cocaine being smuggled at the exact same time she flew. Some wish to put the blame on Indonesia but this is just another distraction from the real truth! I’m more shocked at the amount of idiot bogans who have called for her to be hung when the majority of these fools smoke and do other drugs themselves! Not one of these arsholes have a clue or have even bothered to read the facts of the case that has NEVER been presented by the media! the rumors these wankers have been spreading at their pub has taken urban legends to ridiculas levels!

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