Medical Marijuana Debate in Ferry County in 1999

Here is an interesting video from 1999 that I just uploaded to YouTube. It is a KXLY clip from 2000 where reporter Tom Grant came to Republic to interview Sheriff Pete Warner and me about one of the first medical marijuana cases in Ferry County. (I was the elected prosecutor in Ferry County from 1998 to 2002). The video is pretty much self-explanatory. Thank you to medical patient Aaron Ash for dropping this off at my office last month. I had the VHS converted to DVD and here it is! It is interesting that it is 12 years later, and the state still hasn’t sorted out this medical cannabis thing? What do you think about this news story? Next week I will post another YouTube video about current medical marijuana issues that some friends in Okanogan gave me.  To view the video, click the image below. ↓

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