Schapelle Corby: Expendable Project Advocates for Release

It is unthinkable that a modern democracy would act the way that Australia did in the handling of the Schapelle Corby case. Rather than help provide evidence to the Corby defense team, the government concealed the fact that there were active criminal syndicates smuggling drugs through the baggage of Australian airports.  In an earlier post, I mentioned that there was a new documentary coming out on the subject. That documentary has been released, and is available online. The Expendable Project also released a 619-page dossier outlining the defense of Schapelle. But first lets talk about the documentary. You really can’t watch 5 minutes without getting hooked. The documentary explains that the trial of Schapelle Corby was little more than a “show” trial, and that the judge that convicted her had not acquitted a single person in over 500 cases. Additionally, the documentary explains how the Australian government was complicit by covering up the evidence that drug traffickers use tourists to unwittingly transport drugs within Australia. The documentary includes an interview with an Australian couple that also arrived in Bali with marijuana in their bags that wasn’t theirs. Unbelievably, the couple explained that when they called the Australian Consulate General, they were told to NOT report the matter to the Indonesian authorities under any circumstances, and to just get rid of the drugs as soon as possible. See the video below:

Also, the Expendable Project released a dossier of evidence proving Schapelle Corby’s innocence. The well-researched packet contains valuable facts and helpful infographics to help people understand the case. See for example, the dossier asks why anyone would want to smuggle 10 pounds of marijuana into Indonesia in the first place. The dossier cites a United Nation report showing the relative price of street drugs in different nations. In Australia, marijuana sells for $15 to $31 per gram, while in Indonesia, the same drug costs 20 to 30 cents per gram. The dossier explains that the airport security in Australia was so slack that the Australian authorities were likely scared to even discuss it because they did not want to reveal how vulnerable the nation was to terrorists attacks.

When is it appropriate for nations to try to fight for the rights of its citizens? Unfortunately, politics comes into play. When Corby was convicted, the Australians did not want to offend Indonesia which is the most populated Muslim country in the world. In the Amanda Knox case, we saw the United States slow to speak out against the injustices in the Italian criminal justice system. This was due largely to the fact that Italy is a powerful ally with troops fighting in Afghanistan.

It seems like momentum is building and more people are starting to take a look at this injustice.  What do you think about this case?



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  • Clarice:

    That is pretty crazy, yeah like a Nebraskan smuggling coke to Bolivia! No real economic sense.

  • Neringa:

    Will Schapelle be free? Is there anyone who is taking up her case? God help this wonderful woman! X

  • Shell:

    I am working hard at getting the Expendable movie out to the Australian public and making people aware here of the truth. The Australian public in general believe she is guilty as the media smear campaign has worked so well. Please, anyone reading this, in Australia or anywhere in the world, watch Expendable and make as many people aware as possible.
    Schapelle must come home now & those who covered up the whole thing, must be made accountable for their actions.

  • Alain:

    I am so ashamed as an Australian to have such human filth for a Government, a Federal Police Force and a Media. HERE IS “PROOF” THAT SCHAPELLE CORBY IS INNOCENT. and these bastards (un-nice people) are the lynch mob that put her behind these inhuman bars.

  • Angie:

    I have been shocked and appalled having watched this film, and reading the documents on the Expendable site. Since day one I have always believed this young woman to be innocent, and have witnessed over the years the persistent smears and campaigns by the media to change Australian public opinion. Why would they do this? What would they have to gain? I now know the answer thanks to Expendable! FREE Schapelle NOW!!

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